Monday, October 26, 2009

Non-North American player's Ip-ban from Project Torque

From the Invictus Pages, they strictly starts provided area restriction,called LTCP

Important notice: Licensed Territory Compliance Program
issued: 8 Oct 2009
updated 16 oct 2009

Invictus Games Ltd. will be implementing its Licensed Territory Compliance Policy (“LTCP”) on October 15, 2009 at the game client level of Level-R, a.k.a. Project Torque, Скорость Онлайн, Fast Black, 极限飚车
Invictus will set a limit to all publishers providing service for players outside of the licensed territories in order to assure exclusivity as per it is contracted with all partners.

As of 15, October 2009, players will not have login access to the client from outside of the applicable Licensed Territory. We ask all players who has logged in to the inappropriate client to find the corresponding topical territorial version and continue playing there.

Should you have any question please visit the
FAQ here
In case you find no answer to your question contact us by email here.

We’re sorry for the possible inconveniences. We are doing our best to provide smooth transitions with our partners.

Official Level-R sites
North America (Maybe United States and Canada?)
Title: Project Torque
Operator: Aeria Games Entertainment Inc.
Click here to visit the official American site of Level-R

Russian Federation (Russia, Kyrgis, Turkmenistan, Armania,Mordova, Ukraine, Azerbeijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Berarusi,Georgia, Kazakhstan)
(Source:4 gamer net)
Title: Скорость Онлайн
Operator: Nival Network
Click here to visit the official Russian site of Level-R

China (China Mainland incruding Hongkong and Macau(People Republic of China)), not sure about Republic of China(Taiwan)
Title: 极限飚车
Operator: Joyzone Inc.
Click here to visit the official Chinese site of Level-R

Title: Fast Black
Operator: One Life Inc.

Title: Level-R
Operator: Gamepot Inc.
Click here to visit the official Japanese site of Level-R

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, UK, Poland and Rest of World
Title: Level-R
Operator: Gamigo Inc.
Click here to visit the official European site of Level-R. Language selection available.

Level-R offers experiencing the thrills of high-speed on and off road racing across vast open terrains with tens of made-up and licensed cars.
Players can race against thousands of real players on the same server across the streets of Tokyo, the racetracks of Germany, the off-road tracks of Hungary and Mexico, the English countryside, the rooftops of Shanghai and many more.
Level-R appeals to street racing fans and circuit racing fans with several crossover approaches to vehicles and race tracks.

MMO actions are integral parts of the game, along with high-end graphics and audio effects.
Invictus' latest game engine offers realistic real-time damage and stunning graphical effects including high dynamic range imaging, bump mapping, dynamic environmental reflections, motion blur and many more. The vehicles are fully user-customisable, both in their appearance and performance, using an intuitive and powerful interface. The game also features TV replay options and realistic sound effects - all in live, through the net, against real-world opponents.

The game is free to play in each countries. Ones who want to obtain real world cars or special skills can buy them for micro payments.

Game Features:
MMORG (Massively Multiplayer Online Racing Game)
Cutting Edge 3D Graphics
Several Game Modes
Advanced Experience and Licensing System
Online Community features like Chat and Email within the Client
Shop and Item Mall for Upgrades and Car Customization
Online Rankings
Tournaments & Events
Mission system

Level-R – Gamigo: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France, Poland, UK; Nival Group: Russia; Gamepot: Japan; Joyzone: China
Invictus-Games Ltd. All rights reserved 2009

Yellow: Level-RGamepot Japan
Orange:Project Torque Aeria Game and Entertaiment U.S
Red:(SuperRace) Joyzone China Mainland
Pink:Level-R Gamigo Germany
Green: Speed Online nival network Russia
Blue: Fastblack One life Indonesia
Grey(rest of the world): Gamigo Germany.

Ofcourse It is well-known that Project Torque is just a north American version of Level-R, though so many player on PT had misunderstood it is world wide service.

I longly thought it is nonsense that they held Europe Touring League or Australia Touring League because it is appearently overrule of the contract. and also nonsense of non-american ip Game Sage.

Now many people blame on Invictus and gamigo. is not Invictus and gamigo's fault.
It is Aeria's fault that they hadn't bought up territorial license as a world wide version and they pretended to be world wide version without proper contract with Invictus without paying money. I know some GS also misunderstand same interpretion and when I suggest it to them they got angry....It is funny but just ignorance of the history of Level-R

To those who blame Invictus and Gamigo, when you become resident of Developping Countries who often ignores Business contract and business rules? Contract should be kept. Company behavior and business, everything is money and contract. Even Chinese who oftenly ignores international business rule and violatoin of copyright, they does Level-R ip-block against non-chinese ip.
So it is Aeria's fault and they should have bought up territorial license right as a world wide version. But they hadn't pay money and made contract with Invictus.

According to the Invictus page, the territorial rights on "rest of the world" Gamigo have the rights, so actually Gamigo version is actually world wide version now.

Also, PT's GM sometimes commented as follows before;
---GM Superman0X Posted06 Sep 2008 03:44---
Aeria Games has no desire or intent to block anyone.Should we be forced to do so (by contractual obligation),we will use a solution similar to what we have done with DoMO
(you can check to see the details there).

--quote end-----

So,,,it is just time to say good-bye.

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